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Potential Earnings.

There are many ways that you can promote your business, typically these are direct sales to the public at events such as boot fairs, farmers markets or school fetes; or alternatively at private events such as private parties, corporate promotions or for local businesses and clubs.

We suggest that after holding your own party (a good way of showing family and friends what you do, as well as starting to promote the business and having that essential trial in private) you start with a public event as that will actually provide referrals for private events.

Public Events.

First, let's outline the typical outgoings.

Gas for cooking £ 15.00
The pig at around £ 135.00
Bread rolls £ 35.00
Apple Sauce £ 5.00
Stuffing £ 10.00
Transport £ 30.00
Assistant £ 45.00
Pitch £ 25.00
Total £ 300.00

At the 2005 Faversham "Hop Festival" selling directly to the public.
"Dukes Roasters" turned over more than £3,000 on each day of the weekend.

Catering at Whitstable Castle.
A booked session, creating £800 profit ?

With a 140lb pig, some 110lb of that is ready saleable meat. The average portion size is around 5 - 6 ounces, giving some 300 portions.

At £4.50 per portion, that's up to £1350 in Potential Income (depending on the event this could be £5 per loaded roll)

After taking off your expenditure and that leaves you with around £1000 in profit.

At busy events you may need two machines to cook two “hogs”, which will provide additional income, expenditure should not exceed £400 as the pitch transport and staff should remain constant.

So your profit could be as much as £2000 for the day.

Private Events.

Private events are a joy to do and with our easy to use machine, it feels very much as if you are part of the party every week, everybody wants to see how it cooks, everyone wants to speak to you and best of all everyone seems to want to thank you for what you have done. At private events, there are numerous ways of providing an income from the machine.

Machine Rental Typically at £175.00, Sat/Sun £250 plus delivery (straight forward profit)
Machine Rental with the Hog Typically £395.00 plus delivery (profit of £260)
Carve and Serve Typically £695.00 (profit of c£385 after transport costs)
The Whole Hog Catering at £12.95 per head to include serving, salad bar etc (The whole hog profit depends on the numbers but based on a typical 120 persons, it provides a gross profit after assistant and consumables of c£1050)

So, how long would it take to recoup your investment?

We reckon, with a fair wind, it could be done in less than two weeks, working only two days per week.

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